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Taco Bell counts pedestrians at retail vacancies they're considering leasing

Taco Bell aimed to accurately measure pedestrian traffic in potential new locations before investing in leasing and setting up a new store. Without precise data on pedestrian traffic, it can be challenging to determine if a location is viable and has the potential to generate sufficient revenue.

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Why pedestrian counts from Safari AI?

Measure pedestrian traffic

With Safari AI's technology, Taco Bell has accurate data on pedestrian traffic in potential new locations to validate the pedestrian traffic assumption

Save time and money

By avoiding investments in locations that are not likely to generate sufficient revenue and optimize their operations

Identify high pedestrian traffic areas

Taco Bell can make informed decisions about where to invest and potentially increase revenue

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Safari AI's Impact

Before Safari AI

Manual counting results in errors

No data or assumed data

Loss in revenue investing in business vacancies in areas with low traffic

After Safari AI

Better informed lease decisions

Mitigate risk from unsuccessful store openings

Maximize average profit margin from better site selections

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“It’s much less likely we’ll make an expensive new site mistake with your data”

Director of Development and Market Strategy‍

Taco Bell

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