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Automate measuring your physical operations in real time

Enterprise customers use Safari AI's (formerly known as curbFlow) Vision AI to reliably measure the KPI’s that drive revenue and save on costs
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Safari AI’s Real-time Physical Measurement replaces:

Manual measurement by staff

Antiquated hardware systems

No measurement at all

No need for specialized, expensive cameras

IP Camera

Use your existing IP cameras...

IOT device

...with an off the shelf IOT device Safari AI provides 


Automate measuring your physical operation

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Connect Safari AI to your cameras to get mission-critical data within days

Use your own, already-installed cameras
Fast, no-hassle, remote activation
Guaranteed accuracy
Customized dashboard and/or API connection

All the industries we operate in

Theme & Amusement Park
Retail & Shopping Malls
Restaurants, QSRs & Drive—thrus
Commercial Real Estate
Shipping, Tracking, Logistics &
Convention, Exhibition &
Conference Centers
Design, Development  & 
Parking, Curbside &
Loading Dock Management
Government  & Bids
Live Entertainment

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