Object Detection

Convention, Exhibition & Conference Centers

Operators use curbFlow’s guest count, curbside and parking management, real-time occupancy tracking and heatmapping models to better understand how conferences and exhibitions are evolving in real-time and vs. historical data, making event planning much more data-driven

Parking & Curbside Management

curbFlow’s computer vision provides parking and facility operators the tools to authorize, monetize, classify and enforce guest vehicles without the need for installation of expensive hardware. Using advanced LPR, OCR and even logo detection models, along with the admin dashboards for operators, operators can access turnkey solutions relatively quickly

Live Entertainment

Venue operators dealing with thousands of event guests at a time need better tools to automate data collection in order to direct guests and staff in real time and provide a better guest experience. curbFlow provides operating metrics such as guest counts, occupancy tracking, live throughput and wait times at multiple locations, asset utilization, real-time parking and curbside management.

Shipping, Trucking & Logistics

Operators are using computer vision to modernize operations in order to realize efficiencies, direct staff to other critical processes, and identify cost savings. curbFlow provides License Plate Recognition (LPR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Logo detection to identify and authorize vehicles, trains and other rolling stock, as well as the ability to trace vehicles and measure dwell times around a yard or terminal, classify vehicles in to separate categories and more

Theme & Amusement Parks

Theme parks use computer vision applications to drive efficiencies in their operations in order to save costs, improve the guest experience and identify new revenue opportunities. curbFlow auto-measures guest counts, throughput at specific attractions, dispatch times of rides, utilization rates, live wait (queue) times, heatmapping parks, retail and food & beverage as well as track real-time occupancy.

Retail & Shopping Malls

Retailers are increasingly using computer vision in order to identify telltale guest behavior in a store, just outside of a store, or at an indoor or outdoor shopping mall. curbFlow measure when guests are entering their stores vs. passing by, i.e. the capture rate, how long cohorts of guests stay, what aisles and sections they’re spending the most time in, and even tracing the path of cohorts of guests to understand how they’re flowing through a property.

Restaurants, QSR’s & Drive-thru’s

Casual and Quick Service Restaurants need data in order to determine how to improve the guest experience, throughput. Restaurants can leverage curbFlow’s computer vision to provide management staff engagement metrics, guest counts, heatmapping usage of tables & chairs, presence of staff, and live wait times at popular locations. An additional set of operating metrics are available for drive-thru’s such as live wait times, throughput, balk rates (rate at which cars exit the queue), and LPR (license plate recognition) to recognize repeat customers.

Government & BID’s

curbFlow has successfully enabled government agencies and Business Improvement Districts with a number of operational capabilities including live wait times at events, baselining new post-Covid for pedestrian and vehicle data, curbside availability and vehicle classification data and more.

Design, Development & Construction

Professionals use computer vision at the pre-construction phase in order to guarantee they’re able to collect critical property data upon completion, including guest tracing, asset utilization of amenities for example, throughput, identify where bottlenecks may exist, and more features

Commercial Real Estate

CRE Landlords and property managers have begun automating data collection in order to provide tenants, investors and other stakeholders a better understanding of how property is being used. CRE uses curbFlow for a variety of applications including guest counts and occupancy, heatmapping where guests are using space and what assets they’re using most, no-hardware parking, curbside and loading dock management & enforcement and more.

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