Start measuring Vehicle Counts today using your own cameras

Use Vehicle counts to understand traffic volume, measure guests and customers and others traveling through or accessing a certain area.
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"We had guys counting donations manually; now we can rebalance our inventory statewide same day with your data”

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How measuring Vehicle Counts benefits your business

Adjust staff resources based on vehicle volume

Understand capture rates for specific locations

Monitor vehicle traffic versus the overall area

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Guest/Door Count

Use Guest/Door counts to measure how many people enter & exit your store, location, attraction, or other sites so you can better measure operations and marketing initiatives.

Live Wait (Queue) Time

Measuring real-time, accurate queue times provides managers the call to action to identify bottlenecks, update processes, and ultimately improve and maximize customer satisfaction.

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Real-time Occupancy Tracking

By tracking real-time occupancy, businesses can make the most of their space, ensure everyone's safety, and optimize their revenue

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