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Manhattan Mini Storage

Manhattan Mini Storage measures real-time occupancy of its loading docks

Manhattan Mini Storage, the leading self-storage provider, recognized the need to efficiently measure the utilization of their loading dock spaces. With limited space available, it can be challenging to accurately track and monitor the utilization of each loading dock stall, potentially leading to inefficiencies and lost revenue opportunities.

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Why real-time occupancy from Safari AI?

Real-time Occupancy Tracking

With real-time data of parking stall utilization, Manhattan Mini Storage can make informed decisions on how best to use their valuable real estate

Conversion of underutilized spaces into revenue streams

Manhattan Mini Storage can identify any underused parking stalls and convert them into additional revenue streams

Compare utilization across stores

Manhattan Mini Storage utilizes Safari AI across multiple locations so they are able to compare performance to better influence strategic variables

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Safari AI's Impact

Before Safari AI

Manual counting results in errors

Loss in revenue on underutilized stalls

After Safari AI

MMS can transform their underutilized parking spots into additional revenue

Increased ROI: 5x per stall per location

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“Our parent company believes we’re leaving a lot of value on the table with excess parking; your data will tell us how much”

General Manager

Manhattan Mini Storage

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