Case Study

L'Enfant Plaza

L'Enfant Plaza measures guest counts at all of its 8 entrances

This large shopping mall in DC is measuring in/out door counts so that leasing agents, existing and prospective tenants can identify patterns in the guest flow based on time of day, day of week, and other variables. With this additional insight, Management can more accurately price different parts of the mall.

JBG Smith Parking

Why Guest/Door Counts from Safari AI?

Compare customer flow post- vs. pre-Covid

With dated data, Management needs to understand 'how the world has changed' at their property so they can be proactive about new challenges

Arm their leasing agents and tenants with better data

Management can better price and risk manage existing and new leases, while sharing valuable info to current and prospective tenants to make better-informed decisions

Drive leasing revenue

By providing better, real-time information that's easily filtered, Management can improve leasing velocity and rent vacancies more reliably

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Safari AI's Impact

Before Safari AI

No data to back up lease negotiations

Low interest in leasing available spaces

Manual counting results in errors

After Safari AI

Drive better-informed tenant negotiations

Better understand value of each part of the mall

Improve prospective tenant outreach with better data

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“With Safari AI's data we're able to understand long-term trends which is invaluable for our lease negotiations"

VP of Retail Management

JBG Smith | L'enfant Plaza

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