Case Study

Goodwill of Kentucky

Goodwill of Kentucky automates vehicle drive-thru donation detection and reporting

Goodwill of Kentucky recognized the need to enhance their donation forecasting by quantifying the donation volume received through their drive-thru donation lanes across their 68 statewide stores. The sheer volume of donations can make it challenging to accurately track and plan for inventory levels, potentially leading to imbalances and higher supply chain costs.

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Why vehicle count from Safari AI?

Get Real-time Data on vehicle counts through a custom API

To understand drive-thru donation lane volume to provide additional staffing during peak times and better understand inventory across locations.

Quantify its drive-thru donation volume

To gain valuable insights into customer behavior and trends, enabling Goodwill to make informed decisions about future planning and operations

Increase profit margin

By minimizing labor and logistic costs used to balance their inventory

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Safari AI's Impact

Before Safari AI

Manual counting results in errors

No data on donation volume

Lack of data to compare different store locations

After Safari AI

Better ability to balance inventory

Overhaul supply chain design

Quantify donation volume

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"We had guys counting donations manually; now we can rebalance our inventory statewide same day with your data”

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