Case Study

Brightline Trains

Brightline manages the curbsides at its busy train stations

Brightline, the leading private train operator in the United States, recognized the need to assess the curbside activity surrounding its train stations to enhance the management of their mobility fleet. The curbside area is a bustling hub for a variety of vehicles, such as ride-hailing services, personal cars, and delivery trucks, leading to potential issues such as double parking, traffic congestion, and safety concerns for passengers.

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Why curbside management from Safari AI?

Curbside Management

Brightline monitors and analyzes curbside activity, including double parking and traffic congestion, and takes necessary measures to mitigate safety risks

Regulatory compliance

Brightline tracks and reports on curbside usage metrics to ensure compliance with relevant regulations

Identify peak occupancy times

By measuring usage patterns and occupancy times, Brightline identifies areas where it may be able to streamline its operations and reduce costs

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Safari AI's Impact

Before Safari AI

Manual counting results in errors

No data

After Safari AI

Quantify activity of third party asset

Informed negotiations for renewing relationship

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“With your services we have an understanding of how our curbside is being utilized and by whom”

VP of Mobility


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