Dwell time in Convention, Exhibition & Conference Centers using your own cameras.

Dwell time

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The benefits of working with curbFlow

We help collect Critical data for automation

Computer vision has helped the organisation grow

Deployed various features at category-defining businesses features.

Money saved through automating collection of data

“We had guys counting donations manually; now we can rebalance our inventory statewide same day with your data”

Jimmy S., IT Manager

“With your data, we now estimate we can improve throughput on our 5 best attractions by 1.4mm rides/year”

Kieran O. Head of Continuous Improvement, Europe

“Our parent company believes we’re leaving a lot of value on the table with excess parking; your data will tell us how much”

Greg M. General Manager

Alton Towers use Dwell Time to measure how long customers spend in their Queues.

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How can help you?

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You can use the security cameras you already have installed

You don't need to buy any new hardware. If you have modern IP security cameras set up in your business, we can stream data from them directly into our software, and automatically send you the reports you are looking for. Here are some of our favorite cameras, but if you have others, fill out our form below and we can confirm that it will work with our software.

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